Welcome to rtw2up

First let me introduce ourselves, my name is Vin and my wife's name is Mary, we live in country South Australia. We are both in our late fifties! (old farts)  Its our intention to fly from Australia to Kuala Lumpur in January 2016.  From KL we will ride up through Thailand and around to Siem Reap, Cambodia. For those that don't know we spend much of our time in Cambodia, it is almost our second home. My wife and I have ridden our Suzuki 125 throughout much of South East Asia over the last 3 or four years and I guess that has been the motivation for this Adventure. All plans come unstuck from time to time but our plan is to then ride from Cambodia to London (UK), Fly to South America, probably French Guyana, and try and travel though all South American counties!

This is our scooter in Cambodia, the picture was taken on a trip to Thailand

This is the new Honda CB500x soon after picking it up from the local dealer (Waikerie Honda). I chose this bike over the much bigger bikes traditionally used for this type of trip because it is lower in the seat,  easier to handle due to its light weight and cheap. Traditionalists would frown on the choice but only time will tell.

This is our vague proposed route, but plans are made to be broken, so who knows where we may end up!
Created by Vin and Mary Dowd