The Final Wrap-up

After 40,000 km, 27 countries and 145+ beds we arrived back in Australia after 10 months.

The bike arrived safely back in Australia, a more costly exercise than expected  due to port fees and quarantine / customs costs, but no dramas. 40,000km and still going strong.

Our advise to anyone thinking about this, or any other trip is that it doesn't happen if you just think about it. You need to set a date, make a plan, then follow it. Sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming, but it is well worth it, and all the information is out there....you can even ask us for our advice!

We had an amazing time, and have incredible memories, and more than the occasional desire to go again!

We have been asked often if we were scared, or told we must be brave. In fact 99.9% of people want the same things in life, to see their children get a good education and grow up in a safe community. We were often amazed at how strangers would go out of their way to help us.

The world is made up of good people and has some amazing sights, go and see it if you can!

We hope you enjoyed following our trip, thank you for your interest.