Things to do before departure

We had several trial packs and a couple of trial camping runs. Not surprisingly we gained weight and volume by the final pack. Some gear was sent with the bike, but most we are taking as checked luggage. We are just about to the maximum weight, and with helmets and jackets take a fair volume as well.


We have used compression sacks, these get the clothes down very small, but we are going to have to get used to the crushed clothes look!


We have organized travel sim cards for our phones, but expect to mostly use skype to keep in touch.


We had to come up with a way to safely carry the paperwork without it getting destroyed even in the unlikely (!!) event we get stuck in water somewhere.


The attached pic is the pvc tubes we are using for document storage.

We organised to fly the bike to Kuala Lumpur using Freight Masters at Underdale, Adelaide. It will be shipped with Singapore Airlines and hopefully will be in KL before us. Attached pic is unloading the bike at Freight Masters.